2001:41d0:2:927b::2 traffic

2001:41d0:2:927b::3 traffic

2001:41d0:404:200::617f traffic traffic

Firewall Throughput

Hosts banned by IP familly

Hosts blacklisted by fail2ban


IP packet reassembly

IP packet types

IPv4 ping times to brit.test-domaine.fr

IPv4 ping times to google-public-dns-a.google.com

IPv4 ping times to www.google.com


TCP Congestion avoidance algorithm (Reno)

TCP Duplicate Selective ACKs

TCP Open Connections

TCP Segments

TCP Selective ACK / Forward ACK

TCP Sockets

TCP Syncookies

TCP Time-Wait

TCP delayed ACKs

TCP other timeouts

UDP datagrams

bge0 traffic

em0 traffic

em1 traffic

em2 traffic

em3 traffic

ens3 errors

ens3 traffic

eth0 errors

eth0 traffic

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